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A number or researches indicate that by 2025, spa and wellness industry will reach 30 billion US dollars in America only, showing a trend of constant search for new and innovative services. Also, those reveal that clients are more and more aware of preventive daily care, unlike before when health was thought of only when in direct risk. This is why you should get introduced to possibilities of Quantum Wellness technology applications.

Quantum Wellness sees successful partnerships within Hospitality sector, especially with health/healing/lux tourism trends, Gyms, Wellness Spa & Beauty centers, and companies wishing to boost energy and productivity of employees for corporate wellness. In addition, we have created “Wellness at homes” concept for VIP client with very specific home needs. Quantum Zone pods are specially designed to represent, a reliable source of bio data relevant to doctors, nutritionists & fitness trainers.

The Quantum Zone Pod (high-tech pod) is unique because of its multifunctionality and the ability to provide all important information about the health of its users in one place. They can talk to experts of different profiles online and while being in a zero-gravity position enjoy a non-invasive treatment that can either relax or boost energy, but also activate the body’s natural healing abilities.

Depending on the needs, Quantum Wellness can currently offer business partners & clients two capsule (Zone) options. A capsule equipped with modules for implementing the SMART program, and a capsule equipped for implementing the EXPERT program.

Programs designed to detoxify, increase energy, immunity, revitalize or slow down the process are in demand in hotels belonging to the category of wellness, healthy or healing hotels.

Products: Reaks launge chair, Quantum wellness pod

Production capacities: We have signed agreements on business – technical cooperation with several companies in Serbia that participate in the development of products and we are able to produce 50 pieces per month.

Export markets: United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar

4 Life BioDesign
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