AFA Asocijacija za afirmaciju žena

AFA is an organization that brings together a  global community of experts across commercial, academic and government sectors to deal with economic empowerment of women through knowledge, innovation and technology. AFA is primarily engaged in digital and technological literacy of women and promotion of STEM among girls. By facilitating women’s equal involvement in creating a new digital civilization, AFA empowers a generation of innovators contributing to the the good of society and humankind.

Products/Services: event organization (conferences, summits, networking cocktails…), live education (workshops, lectures, webinars…), educational materials (written, video, infographics…), creation of projects and initiatives for women empowerment

Production capacities: three large flagship events each year, seven-eight smaller events each year, four projects at a time

Export markets: Apart from Belgrade, AFA has its office in Zurich in Switzerland.

AFA Asocijacija za afirmaciju žena
A: Gospodar Jovanova 2, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 60 04 69 082
M: +381 11 21 80 533