The Aleksić sisters – Dragana, Maja and Marija successfully turned their vision into reality. They inherited the entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of business from their parents, while the courage to believe in their dreams was given to them by Mother Nature. However, there is no chance in this success story. The Aleksić Winery was founded in Vranje, in 2006, paving the way for the revival of viticulture in southern Serbia. The Aleksić sisters, alongside with creating unique wines, have created a recognizable brand famous for its quality. The biggest business endeavor for the sisters is also an endeavor of national importance for the south of Serbia – the lease of 70 hectares of land for raising their own vineyards.


  • Sevdah, Mozaik, Nosatlgija
  • Zuti cvet, Arno, Barbara, Bonaca, Kardas
  • Bonaca limited, Krdas limited, Amanet, Temperament, Bonaca Gold, Biser

Production capacitiet: 500 000 litars

Export markets: China, USA, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Swiss, Montenegro, Bosnia and Hercegovina

Standards and certifications: ISO 2201

Industrijski blok 9/1, 17500 Vranje, Serbia
P: +381 17 44 62 44