Alu Markom Com

Alu Markom-COM doo is a company founded in 2008. The original activity of the company was the production of ALU and PVC joinery, however, as the company developed over the years, now the primary activity of the company is the production of steel structures, solar power plants and mobile solar trailers for irrigation in agriculture. Due to the high demand of the product, the company registered a branch in Croatia, in order to facilitate cooperation with partners in the European Union market.

Products: mobile solar trailers; solar benches; steel structures; modular housing units; solar bus stops; construction of business and residential buildings

Production capacities (on a monthly basis):

  • 30 mobile solar trailers
  • 60 solar benches
  • 2,000m2 of steel structures
  • 15 modular housing units
  • 20 solar bus stops
  • 1000m2 of business and residential buildings

Živojina Mišića 49, 21237 Gospođinci, Serbia
P: +381 21 55 31 11
M: +381 65 83 71 670
E:  ǀ