AluKönigStahl is a family business, founded in Austria in 1864, with a tradition of four generations. They have been present in Serbia for 19 years, and they are recognizable primarily by the aluminum glazed facades that adorn a huge number of important buildings in Serbia. Ušće kula 1 i 2, Toranj West 65, Klinički centar Srbije, NCR, GTC 19 Avenue, BBC, Fortyone, Green Hearth, Navigator 1 i 2, A blok, Novi Dorćol, The One, Pupinova palata, Hotel Hillton, Marriott , Fruške terme, Ušće Shopping Center, Beo, Ada Mall, Delta Planet Nis, are just a small part of this company’s portfolio.

For more than 50 years, AluKönigStahl has nurtured its strategic partnerships with two leading system manufacturers – Schüco, a world leader in aluminum production and an expert on PVC systems, and Jansen, which specializes in the production of steel systems. This cooperation and the development of innovative products have enabled Alu König Stahl to become a technological leader in the market.

With an assortment of the highest quality, which is constantly improved and adapted to trends in architecture and building regulations, the company AluKönigStahl is an indispensable partner in the realization of high quality glazed facades and the most complex technical requirements.

The comprehensive package of services, which the company provides in all phases of the construction project, is unique, known and recognized in the construction industry, and therefore the company has established and nurtures long-term relationships with significant investors in Serbia. AluKönigStahl offers the highest quality aluminum, steel and PVC systems, as well as components for modern, energy-efficient architecture. In this way, it supports the concept of building sustainable buildings of the highest quality.

Products: Aluminum, PVC, steel systems for windows, doors and facades
Production capacities: AluKönigStahl turnover from 2020 – EUR 350 million; Schüco turnover from 2020 – EUR 1.695 billion; Schüco turnover from 2020 – CHF 340 million
Export markets: Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania
Standards and certifications: AFI, AMFT, FMA / iFMA, ISO 9001.2015, OGNI, OSTV, Passivhaus Austria

A: Vladimira Popovića 6, 11070 Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 11 22 23 272