Alvita Plus

Integrative approach in medicine with a combination of alternative,medical and nanotechnological methods.Achieved results with over 50,000 therapies for foot deformities-Hallux Valgus created the concept-AllMax, protected by the Patent Institute in Serbia 0336/2019.Maximum effect in the elimination of pain and volume of the bunions.Cream for skin regeneration achieves results in deep-gangrenous wounds,but also older sagging skin.Scientific statistics confirm the results of twenty years of work.


  1. Combined treatment to eliminate pain and correct the volume of bunions
  2. combined treatment for correction of curved spine
  3. combined treatment for insomnia, headache, general exhaustion
  4. Twelve-day antiaging program for raising general strength and regeneration of the whole body, including breathing exercises
  5. Nano-anti-aging cream
  6. Quantum analysis

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