Academy of Technical and Art Applied Studies

ATUSS is a higher education institution providing students with vocational education and training at undergraduate and master studies. ATUSS is a newly established institution, founded in 2019, merging five school of applied studies in the domain of engineering, technical sciences and art. All Departments of ATUSS have a long history of educating young professionals whose work skills are on demand in the labour market. ATUSS is also an active participant in the Erasmus+ programme as a holder of ECHE 2021-2027.

Products/Services: Study programmes of ATUSS:

  • School of Electrical and Computer Engineering: Audio and Video Technologies, Automation and Vehicle Control Systems, Environmental Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications, Information Systems, New Energy Technologies, New Computer Technologies and Computer Engineering (undergraduate studies); Electrical Engineering, Multimedia Engineering and Computer Engineering (master studies).
  • School of Information and Communication Technologies: Internet Technologies, Communication Technologies, Postal Logistics Systems and Banking and Business Informatics (undergraduate studies); Network and Software Engineering (master studies).
  • School of Civil Engineering and Geodesy: Architecture, Geodesy – Geomatics and Civil Engineering (undergraduate studies); Geodesy – Geomatics and Civil Engineering in Building Construction (master studies).
  • School of Railroad Transport: Railway Traffic and Transportation, Railway Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering in Traffic, Railway Mechanical Engineering, Urban Public and Industrial Transportation, Railway Economy and Commercial Business and Railway Environmental Engineering (undergraduate studies); Traffic and Transportation Engineering, Electrical Engineering in Traffic and Transport Economy and Commercial Business (master studies).
  • Textile School for Design, Technology and Management: Textile and Apparel Design, Textile Engineering and Management in the Textile Industry (undergraduate studies); master studies in the process of being accredited.

Standards and certifications:
Academy of Technical and Art Applied Studies operates based on a work permit issued on December 9, 2019 by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development. Permit no. is 612-00-01965/2019-06.

Academy Of Technical And Art Applied Studies (ATUSS)
A: Starine Novaka 24, 11060 Belgrade, Serbia
M: +381 62 80 50 725