Avalon Partners is a company originating from region that donated to mankind Nikola Tesla, Mileva Einstein, Mihailo Pupin and other “Prometeuses of the modern era”. Avalon Partners proved the region’s genetical talent for innovation for almost 25 years in more than 800 energy efficiency projects. Bold in the approach, dedicated to its mission and cordial in communication, Avalon is a different solution to energy efficiency problems. Company creed “best friends with voltage” best describes Avalon abbilities that brought to its customers a savings of more than 25 Million Eur, and still counting.

Products: Energy saver, Harmonic filters, Power Factor correction, Power quality measurement and studies; Energy saver
Production capacities: 10 MVAr/month
Export markets: Austria, Germany, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Standards and certifications: ISO9001, ISO 18001 OHSAS, ISO 50001,  ISO14001

A: Patrijarha Dimitrija 24, 11090 Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 11 65 58 600
M: +381 63 23 17 27
E: office@avalon.rs