Balkan-Adriatic DMC

Through the years, we proved that experience embedded in enthusiasm creates uniqueness woven inside each event.

Composing projects after project we disseminated imposing list of clients who passed their confidence in our hands because of our irresistible need for innovations.

Not only that we mastered standard procedures, we identified all needed steps in comprehensive unification of activities required to provide fully organized professional conference.

Where team building is overload, and leisure is just “not enough” we step in with amazing incentive ideas. Balkan-Adriatic DMC was created by enthusiast`s with understanding that EVENT needs a PERSONAL TOUCH as a base for imagination to become reality.
Let us guide you through Balkans in unique way as only locals can do, wove them with finest charm and neatness, spice it up with passion for gastronomy and good wine, color them with scent of adventure and sound of vibrating nights.
For us, the most important thing is to enrich people spiritually, increase awareness of nature conservation in the Balkans and preserve the traditions we value.

We offer complete meeting and event management services on territory of whole Balkan and Adriatic

  • Incentives and Events
  • Adventure trips
  • Scout and Selection of adequate meeting spaces
  • Professional advice in assignment of technical equipment
  • Recommending ideal venue for event
  • Online booking and registration
  • Online booking and registration with encrypted and secure CC payment
  • On site registration
  • Ground services and operation
  • IT solutions
  • Gala dinner organization

Production capacities: Throughout the years we have successfully organized events for small groups from 25/50 people as well as for 600 in one go.

A: Matice Srpske 91 v, 11000 Beograd, Srbija
M: +381 63 30 40 71