Balkan Infinity Travel

BIT events was founded by young and ambitious enthusiasts who strive to improve the development of event organization in Serbia. BIT events organizes conferences, fairs, symposiums, sport events and festivals on various topics. The goal of the BIT events agency is to support the development of the event industry in Serbia and to position it as a leader in this field in the region and to promote the tourism sector and hospitality industry on the regional level on the Turistički žurnal portal.

Products/Services: Events that we organize: MEKST Conference; MEKST Hybrid event; ScoSym Symposium; Zimzolend Christmas market; OPENS Youth Fair 2019; Future Tourism Conference; NS Virtual 2018&2019; MTB European Championship 2021
We also organize conferences, symposiums, B2B meetings, festivals, fairs, team building, online events & hybrid events.
Also one of the project of BIT event is the „Turistički žurnal“ (Tourist journal) touristic portal, which was founded in 2020 in Novi Sad, with the aim of keeping track of current trends in the field of tourism, hotel industry and related fields. Tourism, as a dynamic industry, is constantly undergoing changes, and the main goal of Turistički žuranl portal is to enable you to follow them at the same speed.

Production capacities: BIT events organized conferences from a hundred to thousand participants. Also BIT events organized open air events which participate more than a thousand people.
Turistički žurnal portal has more than 5 thousand visitors per month, and all the wisitors are from the Balkan region.

Export markets: The events were organized for a people from a diferent part of European countries, most of the participants are coming from Balkan region, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Macedonia, Romania and also from the rest of the country like United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Ukraine.
The target market of the Turistički žurnal portal is the Balkan region.

Standards and certifications: BIT events organize one of the biggest events in the field of tourism and hospitality industry. Also, in 2021 our products, MEKST Conference and Turistički žurnal  were recognized as one of the 100 largest projects in Serbia.

A: Veselina Masleše 16, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbi
M: +381 66 55 88 359