“Bibli” is a meat production and processing company that manufactures unique products based on traditional local food preparing processes. Carefully selected cuts of meat are cooked in  traditional manner. The product range includes the traditional pork meat snack called čvarci, sometimes internationally recognized as pork rinds or pork scratchings, but with  a somewhat different texture and taste, and also domestic pork fat (lard), increasingly popular due to its nutritious and cooking properties.

Products: pork scratchings, spicy pork traditional, tiny pork scratchings, bakery scratchings and pork lard.

Production capacities: 1.500 kg stratchings and 26.000 kg lard per day

Export markets: CEFTA, EU

Standards and certifications: ISO 22000 : 2018, HACCP

A: Vojačka br. 93, 11277 Ugrinovci, Belgrade, Serbia
P: +3818205156
M: +381648545900