Biogroup doo is a holding company that primarily produces fresh apples and cherries that are exported to retail chains and supermarkets. With more than 50ha of apple and cherry orchard on the northern skirts of Fruska Gora mountain and 180m altitude, there is a modern ULO/DCA storage facility with a capacity of 1.500tones. Furthermore, the company own the fresh juice brand ‘Go G’ that is sold nationwide and exported to several EU markets. The juice is filled in glass bottles of 300 and 750ml with a shelf life of up to a year. The juice is NFC and does not have any concentrate, added sugar or coloring. We use our own apples and cherries for our juice, while we also have our own goji berry plantation that is sufficient for our juice production needs.

Products: fresh apples, fresh cherries, natural fruit juices from apples, cherries, raspberries and peach with goji berries.

Production capacities: 1.800 tons of fresh apples, 180 tons of fresh cherries, 120tones of juice per month.

Export markets: Fruit: Russia, UAE, India, Bahrein. Fruit juice: North Macedonia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro, Germany, and Sweden.

Standards and certifications: Global Gap, HACCP, ISO9001:2015.

A: Jazak selo 1, 22409 Jazak, Serbia
P: +381 22 81 00 50
M: +381 63 69 82 13
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