The privately company Biosil was founded after winning the gold medal in Brussels 1990 for the best technology innovation for waste utilization, and since then it has been operating exclusively thanks to patented technology in the field of food industry and waste utilization. Biosil vision  is to bring healthy organic food based on production and processing of organic fruits and vegetables, through innovative technological processes and treating the produce utilizing micro-organism. With this innovative technological process, organic juices keep vitamins, minerals, some amino acid which are from fresh fruits and vegetables, but the most important is that with this innovative technology process juice can get new amino acids or complex vitamin B.


  • Organic fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Organic juices (apples, carrots/apples, beetroot, blueberry, blackberry)

Production capacities: 500.000 units

Standards and certifications: Global Gap, Organic

A: Čkaljina ulica 1, 11277 (Ugrinovci) Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 11 84 08 547
M: +381 63 38 86 10