Biotehnika IVD

Biotehnika is a biotechnology company incorporated in 2011 in Ratina, Serbia. Biotehnika is developing a comprehensive suite of diagnostic tools and equipment with background in veterinary field and diagnostics. Our Portfolio consists of state-of-the-art portfolio of diagnostic tests for Brucellosis and Tuberculosis. Recently we have developed a diagnostic tool for cattle reproduction. Our products are intended to improve livestock production, including reducing the number of low- productive animals, establishing the optimal number of highly productive units, which would significantly reduce high production of methane and carbon dioxide, which significantly affects climate change globally.

One of our most globally attractive products is the diagnostic kit for determining progesterone levels in cow’s milk (P4 FPA), based on the fluorescence polarization technology platform, a recent methodology in the world that shows, in certain application domains, comparative advantages over other known diagnostic methodologies.

Products: Brucella FPA, Brucella FPA II, Brucella FPA Medical, Brucella FPA Bulk Milk, Brucella cELISA, Brucella LPS iELISA, Brucella LPS iELISA Bulk Milk, Brucella OPS iELISA Cattle, Brucella OPS iELISA Sheep & Goats, Brucella OPS iELISA Swine, TB FPA, TB Chimera iELISA TB Gamma

Production capacities (annualy):

Brucella FPA: 54 milion tests; Brucella FPA II: 54 milion tests; Brucella FPA Medical: 27 milion tests; Brucella FPA Bulk Milk: 27 milion tests; Brucella cELISA: 28 milion tests; Brucella LPS iELISA: 28 milion tests; Brucella LPS iELISA Bulk Milk: 28 milion tests; Brucella OPS iELISA Cattle: 28 milion tests; Brucella OPS iELISA Sheep & Goats: 28 milion tests; Brucella OPS iELISA Swine: 28 milion tests; TB FPA: 54 milion tests; TB Chimera iELISA: 28 milion tests; TB Gamma: 28 milion tests; EIA FPA: 54 milion tests; Bovine IFN Gamma ELISA: 28 milion tests; P4 FPA: 54 milion tests; Sentry 300: 100 instruments

Export markets: United States of America People’s Republic of China Central America, South America, Asia, Africa

Standards and certifications: ISO 9001:2015; USDA Production permit; Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia registration of products, Registration of products in the United States of America, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, and Uruguay

A: Ratina 175, 36212 Kraljevo, Serbia
P: +381 36 58 61 988
M: +381 69 41 55 445