We are food processing company from Serbia.We produce whole grain crispbread incredibly tasty made exclusively of whole-grain oat or rye without flour, sugar, additives, oils, yeast, lifting means. Officially recommended to diabetics and cardiovascular patients by pharmacy faculty. We are interested in both distributors and supermarkets to expand our sales and partners with whom we would invest in expanding the production of our crispbread. We are now working on organic product line and we are curently selling in Drogery Markt , Benu Pharmacy , Mercator , and more then 200 food stores in Serbia.Sheep’s milk cheese produced according to the original recipe and honey from domestic producers assessed according to the requirements of international food safety standard

Products: oat crispbread with garlic, oat crispbread with chili, oat crispbread with pumpkin seed, rye crispbread with ginger

Production capacities: 30 000 products a month (upgradable)

Export markets: CEFTA, RF, TR, EU, UAE

Standards and certifications: HACCP , HALAL.

Ribarska 2, 26240 Opovo, Serbia
M: +381 69 22 82 802