BONIMA DOO was founded in 2004. as a company for wholesale of home furniture of a wide range and since 2013. begins with the production of upholstered furniture (beds, corner sets, armchairs, stools…) of its own brand. The products of the company BONIMA DOO are met with great satisfaction by customers, both domestic and foreign, and production is increasing and the products are becoming sought after and available in the countries of the EUROPEAN UNION.

The furniture is produced according to European standards, using high quality raw materials. The largest foreign cooperation is realized with XXXLutz Austria, Mobelix, Momax, which have sales facilities throughout Europe.

Products: beds, corner sets, armchairs, stools
Production capacities: 12000 units
Export markets: Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro
Standards and certifications: FSC

A: Moravska bb, 12000 Požarevac, Serbia
P: +381 12 71 00 480
M: +381 64 64 24 824