Bošković ADS

Bošković ADS  belongs to the group of medium-sized construction companies, created by the work, effort, and application of decades of experience of its founder in the field of construction. The original company was founded in 1998.
The company has been developing from its establishment until today thanks to the quality of work, respect for dynamics, associates, and clients.
The basis is the employees who are the job holders and represent the foundation of this company. The community itself is based on mutual respect, cooperation, and encouragement to express the potential of each individual.

Products/Services: construction works
Production capacities: cca 85
Standards and certifications: CompanyWall d.o.o.-CWB-20-19326

Bošković ADS
A: Velika Jezevica bb, 31213 Pozega, Serbia
P: +381 11 24 67 890
M: +381 69 17 70 071