Brainshuttle LLC

brainshuttle™ LLC is the leading member of the brainshuttle Group™ which is a European Business and Educational Digital Solutions as well as a Software Development consortium based in four countries: Serbia, Germany, Spain, and Bulgaria. brainshuttle™ covers all aspects of products and services to be prepared for the digital age. We have capacities to assess, consult, develop and implement the digital future of your business or organization. Be it the solid engineering background in technology and management or modern didactics for e-learning and training including our extensive pool of internationally renowned experts in various subject areas.

Products: HealthBotics
Services and expertise: Innovation, Research & Development; Rapid prototyping, Data engineering and data analytics, TDD and BDD development, Optimisation of cloud infrastructure according to client requirements; Solutions based on microservice architecture; Cloud-based web solutions; Able to rapidly scale up or down; Biomedical expertise; E-learning Systems & Applications; Rich Media Productions & Studio Facilities; Project Management & Consulting based on best PMI, Agile and DevOps practices; Educational Programmes Development; Corporate Training Programmes; Graphic Design; Development of AR/VR Applications; Gamification of the educational content; LMS customization

Production capacities: Complete development cycle from ideation to actual implementation of software solutions of any complexity.
We employ experienced senior and lead engineers covering backend dev, frontend dev, data solutions, system administration and DevOps. Moreover, we have great UI/UX designers as well as project managers and product owners in our team.
The core team is comprised of 14 members with a capacity to quickly scale up per need.

Export markets: EU, USA

Brainshuttle LLC
A: Resavska 3, 11000, Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 65 98 87 878
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