Buket Zlatibor

The “Buket” hotel presents its new model of wellness package and the quality functional vacation that we offer to the guest.This unique service of wellness is including the programs for health improvement of the users. These programs are the sinergy of the innovative Quantum Wellness concept, hyperbaric chamber, completely personalized food and spa facilities. There are no pre-determined programmes at Quantum Wellness concept; your schedule will be custom-made for you, following your in-depth consultation with the doctor, where you will list your goals for your stay- de-stress, detox, weight loss or maybe some natural and Quantum healing. The doctor will devise a program which will nourish you inside and out. Food is delicious and served to you based on your

body-type and the objectives of your retreat. A team of specialists takes care of the achievement of the individual goals of each client. Besides, the hotel is located in the extraordinary position, on the mountain Zlatibor, which is wide known as the air spa, offering to over 350.000 visitors per year fresh air,preserved environment and great nature in modern facilities.

Innovative service in “Buket” hotel: At Quantum Wellness concept we have SMART and EXPERT programmes.

Smart program:

  • Level 1 – Reset, relax and recharge
    Our revitalization programs will help you charge the batteries and recover completely.
  • Level 2 – Detox your body
    Cleansing your body is the first step to improving your health, increasing vitality, and restoring body and mind balance.

Expert program:

  • Level 1 – Cellular detox
    Cellular cleansing is designed to remove harmful toxins from the body where they are causing the problem – at the cellular level.
  • Level 2 – Total body rejuvenation
    This system addresses all three critical factors for human health and reverse aging, allowing you to correct all aspects of the body: its information, energy and physiology.

Service capacities:  89 units ( 29 bedrooms and 60 apartaments)

Export markets: Every market which has interest in our unique Quantum Wellness programs ( United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrein,Europa, USA, Canada, Australia…)

Buket Zlatibor
A: Strahinje Popovića 3, 31315  Zlatibor, Serbia
P: +381 31 84 14 00
M: +381 63 70 41 169
E: info@buketzlatibor.rs