CANSEE Canadian Serbian Business Association

CANSEE Canadian Serbian Business Association is a carefully considered project by the Canadian Embassy that was inaugurated on September 1st, 2014, by at that time Canadian Foreign Minister, H.E. John Baird. The Association was made with purpose to afford Canadian businesses and regional businesses the opportunity to network and grow each other through collaboration, as well as to utilize CANSEE as a representative ambassador to further the cross-nation brands of all companies represented.


  • promoting trade development between Canada and Serbia
  • supporting foreign direct investments
  • encouraging entrepreneurship through training and education
  • facilitating bi-lateral trade and investments through active participation between governmental bodies and CANSEE members
  • creating platforms through which member companies can work together to enhance their business activities.

A: 19/II Njegoševa, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 11 2762 263
M: +381 63 344 112