Center for Tourism Research and Studies

The Center for Tourism Research and Studies is an association of experts in the field of tourism and hotel management. Initially formed as a national initiative, CTRS became a regionally recognizable organization engaged in numerous projects in Europe and the Middle East. Since 2008, CTRS has been working closely with other regional, international organizations and independent research institutions. CTRS mission is to encourage destinations in the field of marketing and management.


  • Strategic documents in the field of tourism (strategic plans, development programs, master plans);
  • Education and trainings of employed and unemployed actors tourism sector, (training of staff in the fields related to tourist destination management, marketing and branding, as well as trainings of unemployed persons for various profiles in the hotel business);
  • Project management (management of various projects in the field of tourism related to the development of the competitiveness of the tourist destination).

Production capacities: 3 full-time employees, 10 experts

Export markets: Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Croatia, Maldives, Jordan, Saudi Arabia

A: Zitni trg 9, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia
P: +381216571766
M: +38162343100