Coja promet

Coja promet is a family business that has existed for almost 30 years. It deals with fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen fruits and frozen and dried mushrooms and prunes. It has its own storage capacity of about 2000 tons and its own fleet. It gathers around 300 agricultural farms whose products it places on the domestic and foreign markets. With our various methods, such as testing for foreign body contamination, microbiological examinations by the accredited laboratory or documented control of goods delivery, we at Coja promet effortlessly keep the quality of our products at a consistently high level.

We are interested in partners who see the potential in Serbia as a country of healthy fresh apples and the sweetest berries.

Products: Deep frozen  fruits and vegetables, Fresh F&V, prunes, dried and frozen mushrooms

Production capacities: 2000t

Export markets: EU, CEFTA, UAE, TU, RF

Standards and certifications: IFS, ECOCERT for organic

Coja promet
A: Žitkovački put bb, 18220 Aleksinac, Serbia
P: +381 18 80 01 68
M: +381 65 80 84 356