Comet Consulting Group

Comet Consulting group is founded in 2005 with headquarters in Serbia, Belgrade, and an office in Dubai, UAE. We have 16 years of industrial experience working with Utilities, Oil & Gas, Mining, Maritime, and all types of Manufacturing, Processing and Transportation industries.

Comet Consulting Group offers fuel-saving systems for all types of engines and plants that use petroleum, oil, fuel oil or gas (LPG or LNG natural gas), and all types of boilers. The fuel-saving system also contains reformulators (patented in the USA) which, at the molecule level, carry out homogenization and reformulation of fuel, by which they increase octane or cetane value, and completely remove carbon build-up (practically no modification is required to boilers because there is no build-up and energy is used efficiently). The guaranteed saving on gas installations is 5%, while with LPG, oil, fuel oil and petroleum, the saving is 8-10%, in practice reaching an entire 20% of savings. Furthermore, we offer the solution for the remote monitoring and control of all types of industrial generators which is combined with a fuel-saving system.

Export markets: Serbia, UAE, Middle East etc.
Standards and certifications: ABS Certificate; DET NORSKE VERITAS Certificate; FITCH Certificate; LLOYDS Certificate; UL Certificate; SGS Certificate

A: Peđe Milosavljevića 27, 11070 Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 11 31 22 506
M: +381 65 57 06 799