Deverra Farm

Serbia is a country famous for its nature and wildlife especially plant based life located in mountainous areas. As these parts are not industrialized, populations living in such areas kept to the old habits of natural life not polluting national resources.  Deverra Farm was an idea to bring natural products based on wild herbs to final consumers in urban city areas where they do not have the possibility to experience such nature’s gifts.  A well-known pharmaceutical company in southern part of Serbia was optimized and reconstructed in order to meet the highest standards of processing, production and bring our customers products that are prescribed by nature itself. Initially production started with natural extracts and oils, due to the quality and market potential of natural products produced using strict processes, product portfolio rapidly expanded with demand. Today Deverra Farm has over 80 products and 40 more in development, with exports to 4 continents.  True mission and idea to bring products that are prescribed by nature itself is still embedded in every strategy and future plan of the company.

Products:  Our product portfolio consists of natural products of domestic origin, most of our ingredients are naturally collected from natural parks and other non-polluted areas.

  • Dietary supplements
  • Syrups- Crecollino Imunity, Crecollino Cough, Mitera Cough syrup, Hepaflorex
  • Herbal drops and Propolis: Natural Herbal drops over 25 varieties, Natural bee propolis spray and drops.
  • Cosmetics and medical aids
  • Cosmetic gels- Comfrey gel, Horsebalm,  Venosalve,  Reumosalve antireumatic, Magnesium gel, Anti cellulite cream-gel.
  • Herbal oils
  • Active oxygen
  • Repelents- for children and adults

Production capacities:

  • Natural Cosmetic Shampoo line- 80,000 units monthly
  • Cream, gel, liquid facility- 30,000 to 80,000 units per product monthly
  • Dietary supplements syrup line- 30,000-80,000 units per product monthly
  • Herbal Drops- 150,000 units

Export markets: Balkans (Montenegro, Slovenia, Bosnia), Canada, Australia, Qatar

Standards and certifications: HACCP, ISO 9001

A: Deverra Farm d.o.o 16232 Lebane, Serbia
P: +381-16-841-080
M: +381-63-421-991