E.W.E. ECOSYSTEMS d.o.o. is an engineering company based in Serbia and it is specialized in designing and installing of wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) and water treatment plants (WTP). Since its conception in 2001 until now it has over 40 references in this field in Serbia and its region. Company’s two main products are compact container type plants based on the SBR technology for wastewater treatment (capacity between 200 and 5000 PE) and automatic self-rinsing sand filters for the potable water treatment.


  • SBR containers for wastewater treatment. These containers come in different sizes for modular installation, which allows wide range of capacity that ranges from 200 PE up to 5000 PE;
  • Automatic self-rinsing sand filter for the potable water treatment;
  • Designing of the WWTP and WTP;
  • Consulting services for proper maintenance and managing of the existing WWTPs and WTPs.

Production capacities: E.W.E. ECOSYSTEMS d.o.o. cooperates with multiple workshop companies that make their products for them based on company’s technical documentation. During all these years of companies operation, production was never a choke point, so it is safe to say that E.W.E. ECOSYSTEMS d.o.o. has enough production capacity.

Export markets: Company E.W.E. ECOSYSTEMS d.o.o. has multiple times exported and installed their products to the countries in Serbia’s region. Because of this, company is familiar with all of the procedures regarding export to these countries.

Standards and certifications: E.W.E. ECOSYSTEMS d.o.o. has for its field of operation following certificates: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018. All engineers in the company are licensed for the project design and project installation by the IKS (Serbian Chamber of Engineers)

Partizanske vode 4, 11030 Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 11 25 00 113
E: ewe-es@beotel.rs