Eco Energy

In the past ten years, organization has implemented scientific research, innovation programs and projects in technical, natural, social and human sciences, in the country and abroad. The most realized projects are in the field of ecology – environmental protection and energy. In cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions, universities and institutes, organization has organized and participated in numerous conferences, professional and scientific gatherings, fairs and exhibitions.


  • Apparatus for destroying weeds, ecological way use specific frequencies.
  • A device for making eco-fuel from petroleum products, the final fuel pollutes less than standard fuel.
  • Filters for air pollution removal in the automotive industry and factory plants.

Production capacities:

  • Apparatus for destroying weeds, hand-held device: 20,000 pieces per year
  • Device for making ecological fuel from petroleum products: making a plant in a refinery

Export markets: possibility of selling and exporting for the whole world

Standards and certifications: Granted patent: Apparatus for destroying weeds (RS 55534, SE 540099, WO2015119523A1), Entered in the register of innovation activities – Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Republic of Serbia (No: 391-00-18/2017-16)

Eco Energy
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