We are SME recognised by OECD, as a unique circular economy company in South-East Europe and one of the rare organic mushroom producers in Europe. We have 12 employees and from 2002, we are offering to the market a fresh white button and oyster mushroom. Thank the innovative technology from 2017, we  process, dehydrate  organic mushrooms and vegetables and produce premium  fine food  which quality is recognised already on the US and Europian market


  • Pallet is based on the dehydrated mushroom and  vegetables: Ragy mix , Gourmet mix, Pasta Rissoto mix and Consome mix
  • Pallet based on  pure dehydrated mushrooms:   Mushroom powder, Mix mushroom granulles, Sliced champignones, Oyster
  • Specific flouer for the home bread making enriched by mushroom: Mushbread

Production capacities: 120.000packagings of all products (in total 5t of the dehydrated products annualy)

Export markets: US, EU

Standards and certifications: HACCAP, EU Organic certification

A: Zrenjaninski put bb, 11213 Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 11 8871177
M: +381 60 0241815
E: office@systemekofungi.com