Eso Tron company has been operating in Serbia since 2011 as part of the Tron group, which consists of several companies dealing with waste disposal and renewable energy sources throughout Europe. Eso Tron is recognized for its efficient, innovative and flexible solutions in the segment of collection and final disposal of waste and by-products. In carrying out its activities, Eso Tron covers the entire flow of waste from the place of origin to the final disposal or treatment.

Products: Organic sediment, Booster®, Bio methane, Green energy – electricity

Production capacities: 15 000 tons

Export markets: Europe, Asia.

Standards and certifications: ISCC (EU-ISCC-Cert-PL214-27760521), Bureau Veritas Polska Sp. z.o.o.

A: Nova Druga br. 6, 21201 Rumenka, Serbia
P: +381 21 62 16 627
M: +381 62 79 07 77