Company ET.DOT.LTd is mainly civil engineering company, that provide services in civil engineering project since 2015, mostly on remedial works on power plant construction, underground water reservoirs, underground water waste channels, and different special  constructions. ET.DOT Ltd works on multi complex projects, noted to solve structural and  other request to solve the problems on reconstructions of old and deteriorate structures, such as hanging bridge for main water pipe for the city supply from water plants, and underground channels for cold water supply for cooling the water in power plants.

Our skilled and dedicated professionals, offering unique experience in remedial works,  such as design of other structures for specific use, such as repair and remedial works on cold and warm  water channels for cooling the Coal power plants,


  • Services Performed:
  • Design services for remedial works on underground water reservoirs and underground channels for cold and warm water
  • Inspections , maintenance and rehabilitation of underground water reservoirs and channels
  • inspections , maintenance and rehabilitation of Bridge constructions
  • Rehabilitation and remedial works design for all types of special structures (underground water reservoirs and water channels),
  • Professional supervision during remedial works on uunderground water constructions, (water reservoirs and channels)
  • Tender documentation preparation
  • Overview of technical documentation
  • Consultancy services

Production capacities: Few designs for remedial works per year

Standards and certifications: Usual standards for design

A: Sazonova 14, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 11 24 49 650
M: +381 63 36 98 80  ǀ +381 63 60 65 49