Event and Public Relations Agency Blink2

Blink2 is event and public relations agency established in 2008. with hundreds of events and campaigns realized in its history.

Blink2 is a team of extraordinary people gathered around the same idea, common principles and values. Agency is specialized in event organization and media relations with goal to support clients to improve communication with media and achieve better visibility.

Blink2 providing event support in order to help clients to focus on the aim of their event and not to think about organization details.

Services: Public relation services – Communication strategy creation; PR plan creation; Editorial services (press releases, bylined articles, localization of global press releases and news); Corporate communications; Media relations; Media event organization; Media monitoring and press clipping; Reporting and evaluation of project or campaign; Event management services – Project administration and management; Budget, cash flow and financial management; Sponsorship sales, support and fulfillment; Registration management and support; Event branding; Event communication and promotion; Print & Give away production; Event production and AV coordination; Photo and video services; Video streaming; Hybrid and online events; Complete technical support; Facility and hotel management; Logistics and operations management; Post-event evaluation and reporting

Production capacities: Up to five simultaneous integrated PR campaignsUp to five medium to large events (if realization dates are different).

Export markets: So far, we have provided services in countries in the region, but also to sites that implement their PR campaigns and organize events in Serbia.

Event and Public Relations Agency Blink2
A: Nikole Grulovića 67, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 11 34 61 947
M: +381 62 25 23 66
E: dragana@blink-blink.co.rs