Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Belgrade

Faculty of Economics and Business was founded in 1937

  • Fields: Economics, Business and Statistics (six departments):
  • Economic theory and analysis
  • Economic policy and development
  • International economics
  • Statistics and mathematics
  • Accounting and corporate finance
  • Business economics and management

Staff: 120 faculty members + visiting professors

Students: approx. 7,500

  • Employability of graduates: 91% within 6 months after graduation (82% in their field of experties)
  • Studies: Bachelor (3 or 4 years) + Master (1 or 2 years) + PhD (3 years)
  • Strong research activities
  • Many international projects
  • Developed corporate relations

Products/Services: Research activities:

  • Two research units: Scientific and Research Center (NICEF); Think tank: Foundation for Advancement of Economics (FREN)

International projects: DIGI4Teach Erasmus+ KA2; MICEPRE_EEEM; PANACEA; DTP1-1-450-1.2; Erasmus + KA2; H2020-SUFISA; H2020; FP7 GLAMUR; FP7 COMPETE

Production capacities: Experienced academic staff in conducting international projects and feasibility studies for various clients

Export markets: South eastern and Central Europe region, experience in cooperation with the countries of the third world. Intending to launch projects in the field of CSR, especially emphasizing the project of WATER MANAGEMENT

Standards and certifications:

EFMD accreditation of bachelor program awarded in 2021

  • The first institution in Serbia to obtain relevant

European academic accreditation

  • ACCA professional accreditation
    • Exemption from 7 (out of 9 exams)
  • Accreditation awarded by the National Accreditation Agency of the Republic of Serbia
    • Valid through 2027

Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Belgrade
A: Kamenička 6, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 11 26 28 923
M: +381 69 80 66 400
E: dekanat@ekof.bg.ac.rs