Frigo Levač

Frigo Levač is a Serbian Company that rose from a long tradition of growing berry fruits by Lazarević family. The Company is situated in Levač – area in Serbia with an ideal combination of climate, altitude and soil for berry fruit production. Frigo Levač owns 10 hectares of it’s own crops and a network of reliable suppliers that has not changed since it’s foundation. This allows us to carefully control entire production chain.

We are looking for buyers for our products, such as IQF fruit, cakes, jam, juice, sauce, ice-cream producers, retailers, traders, etc.

Products: IQF raspberries, IQF blackberries, IQF strawberries, IQF plums hand halved, IQF apricots.

Production capacities: 2000 t

Export markets: EU (The Nederland’s, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Cyprus, France)

Standards and certifications: IFS, HACCP

Frigo Levač
A: Sljivica bb, 35264 Prevest, Rekovac Municipality, Serbia
P: +381 35 84 14 001
M: +381 64 30 80 557