Fruškogorski vinogradi

We are winemaking company, with more than 100 ha of vineyards, situated in National Park “Fruška gora”, in the north of Serbia, near Danube River. Due to vineyard’s favorable geographical position and the specific microclimate, as well as the phenomenon of sunlight reflection from the surface of the Danube River, but primarily due to knowledge and dedication, the winery’s founders have succeeded in making wines of recognizable taste and pronounced characteristics of Fruška Gora Mountain terroir.

Our premium wine series was named Quet, after an ancient Celtic fortification around which the modern-day settlement of Banoštor has evolved in the 15th century. The goal has been to generate a fortress around which the modern winemaking of Banoštor and the entire Fruška Gora Mountain should develop, so as to conquer the palates of wine lovers across the world.

In 2016, the Fruškogorski vinogradi vinery has launched a new top-quality wine series – Fruškać. This group of products encompasses Fruškać White, Fruškać Red and Fruškać Rosé. It is the wine that holds the most favorable quality-price ratio in the territory of Serbia and its neighboring countries. The motto Just Let Yourself Be Surprised speaks a lot about this wine.

Our cellar now disposes with the most up-to-date equipment for nurturing and bottling, with vinery’s capacity up to 500,000 liters. The development plan envisages further multiple increases of cellar capacities over the following couple of years, so as to enable processing of the entire harvest from the vinery’s current 110ha of vineyards and future plantations in its own facilities.

Products: product line Quet – varietal premium quality wines, product line TRI SUNCA – super premium brand of our winery, Fruškać –  series of quality wines resulting from a careful selection of wine blends.

Production capacities: up to 500.000 liters

Export markets: Europe (mainly Balkan region), Asia ( China), North America (USA)

Fruškogorski vinogradi
A: Dunavska 5, 21312 Banoštor, Serbia
P: +381 21 66 13 500
M: +381 64 88 90 007