Enterprise GEGULA was founded for purchase and processing of fruits and vegetables and producing of rakia.

GEGULA is a Serbian villager-GEDZA.

He proudly wears traditional Serbian costumes and drinks homemade brandies that his ancestors drank centuries before him.

If you trust him, he will enjoy real homemade brandies that are only offered in domestic Serbian houses.

Through centuries of secrets and decades of knowledge and experience, through this family program we have turned a part of untouched nature into delicious drinks.Cheers!


  • Homemade Serbian rakia,,prepecenica’
  • Homemade Serbian rakia,,sljivovica’
  • Pear rakia
  • Apple rakia
  • Quince rakia-may best
  • Apricot rakia-K2
  • Honey rakia (with blueberry,with golden granules)
  • Walnut rakia

Production capacities:

  • Fermentation capacity 5000 liters
  • Distillation capacity 5000 liters
  • Capacity for aging 20,000

Export markets: Europe,Kina…

Standards and certificates: HACCP-Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points

A: Gočka 9, 36103 Kraljevo, Serbia
P: +381 36 37 25 45
M: +381 63 69 83 46