Genom Lab

Genom Lab is a medical company founded by doctors as a B2B provider of medical diagnostics services. It serves as a reference laboratory for microbiological and molecular diagnostic RT-PCR based testing to laboratories, clinics, and physicians. It includes 2 labs in microbiology and in molecular biology, educaiton and training center, validation and distribution branch. Also, Genom is developing and validating new clinical diagnostic tests and approaches.

Products: laboratory medical diagnostics tests and services

Production capacities: laboratory medical diagnostics tests and services: development, validaiton and production in genetics, PCR-RT, microbiology

Export markets: Balkan region countries, currently

Standards and certifications: required national medical licences

Genom Lab
A: Zvečanska 38, Belgrade 11040, Serbia
P: +381 11 45 56 644
M: +381 64 11 47 227