Hidro-Tan is founded in 2008 in Belgrade. It’s one of the first in the country to specialize in the construction of SHPP and offers the complete realization of hydrotechnical, constructional, electrical and mechanical facilities. The main goal of the company is the implementation of projects in the field of renewable energy sources in a quality, reliable and efficient way. Besides modern mechanization, the company has highly educated professionals who have many years of international experience.


  • Hydro-construction works on the construction of a water intake with a pumping station, tank construction, pipeline construction
  • Construction of Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Construction of Small Hydro Power Plants
  • Construction and hydraulic works on the construction of the cooling water system
  • Construction works of dam and retention
  • Regular maintenace of water facilities for protection against floods, erosion and torrents and manintaince of watercourses
  • Construction works on plaster and ash yards
  • Construction of transmission lines and substations
  • Construction works on the adaptation of the navigation lock.

Production capacities:
HIDRO-TAN is a hydro-construction company that does not have production facilities, but is engaged in performing works using a large number of mechanization. With a capacity of 75 employees and over 70 vehicles, of which 40 are construction machinery and trucks, in accordance with the set deadlines, it successfully manages 20 projects simultaneously, achieving a positive financial result every year.

Export markets: Our services are currently performed on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Standards and certifications: ISO 9001: 2015; ISO 14001: 2015; ISO 45001: 2018; BISNODE SILVER EXCELLENCE AAA.

A: Jurija Gagarina 13, 11070 Belgrade, Serbia
P: 011/ 311-0233
M: 062/147-1991
E: office@hidrotan.rs