HIKARI Mental Arithmetic

Kid Genius is an international educational system intended for the healthy development of children’s brains, which implements the HIKARI program of mental arithmetic. The goal of the school is to encourage and develop the intellectual skills and abilities of children from an early age.

The program is based on a Japanese abacus – soroban.

The program benefits: Improving attention, concentration and memory; Development of visualization and emotional intelligence; Analytical and logical thinking.

Products/Services: international education program; program development; development of intellectual abilities; holding workshops; educator training; franchise sales; educating the parents on the importance of developing the cognitive abilities of children; creating a safe, stimulating and creative educational environment that allows children to grow and develop as individuals; constant growth and development of the program that combines tradition and modern technologies.

Production capacities: Kid Genius is a school for the development of intellectual capacities, and therefore the program can be implemented in all countries. The program is designed as a combination of Eastern and Western culture, and is suitable for work in any area. It is based on an individual approach to working with children and has proven results.

Export markets: Europe: Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Malta, Italy, USA, Asia

Standards and certifications: HIKARI Mental Arithmetic school gives its own certificates. Teachers –  Hikari mental arithmetic certificate, Numicon – good with math certificate, Super mind certificate.
Children – I level of Mental Arithmetic certificate; II level of Mental Arithmetic certificate; Numicon – good with math certificate; Super mind certificate.

HIKARI Mental Arithmetic
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M: +381 65 38 81 188
E: info@malacgenijalac.com
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