Iceberg Salat Centar

Iceberg Salat Centar was founded in 1990 with the purpose to grow and process Iceberg lettuce for the local McDonald’s. Today company deals in processing and sales of lettuces, vegetables and fruits. The products are distributed in all major RETAIL chains, McDonald’s and gas stations chains, fruits and vegetable distributor companies, to more than 300 HoReCa customers as well as via online portal . Company is also in the business of producing greenhouses.


  • Processed ready-to-eat vegetables: salad mixes, baby program (rocket (rucola), valeriana, baby spinach, baby mix), processed vegetables (over 50 different items for retail and HORECA segment).
  • Packed conventional and organic fruits and vegetable.
  • Trade of conventional, organic, exotic fruits and vegetables (over 150 items available 365 days a year).
  • Greenhouses production (various sizes of galvanized tubes with foil).
  • Sales via online portal – over 50 different items.

Production capacities: Growing areas – 50ha of land (11ha under greenhouses); Vegetable processing capacities – 4,000 t; Lettuce production capacities 1,000t, rucola and baby spinach capacities 850t

Export markets: Russian Federation, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina

Standards and certifications: Global G.A.P, IFS Food, TMS Organic, Organic product of Serbia, McDonald’s SQMS and SWA, NFS, HACCP

Iceberg Salat Centar
A: Vinogradska 40, 11271 (Surčin) Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 64 84 12 833
M: +381 64 84 12 832