Investors from
the UAE are interested
in investing in
Serbian spas

Businessmen from the United Arab Emirates who are already investing in the Serbian economy want to expand investments in Serbia, and are especially interested in spa and health tourism, said today Marko Čadez, President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, ahead of the Investment Conference held at the Serbian Pavilion. World Exhibition “Expo 2020 Dubai”.

“It is a great feeling to be at the first of five investment conferences organized by the Government of Serbia, the Development Agency of Serbia with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, here in our pavilion. We are talking today about important investment projects, which are numerous in Serbia. I had a meeting with a delegation of businessmen from the Emirates who are already investing in the industry of Serbia and they want to expand investments, especially in spa tourism and hospitals, and attend the conference to hear where else they can invest into”, emphasized the president of CCIS.

“I am especially proud that more than 150 businessmen from 77 companies from Serbia arrived in Dubai and, within the third thematic week dedicated to urban and rural development, they will have a large number of meetings with business partners. I hope that in about seven to 10 days, they will return with good contracts “, added Čadež.

As pointed out at the first investment conference “Invest in Serbia: Real Estate”, Serbia is an attractive destination for investment, and the real estate sector offers numerous opportunities for further investment and development, which is a chance for investors, not only from the UAE region but from the whole world. The goal is for Serbia to continue the investment cycle by attracting new investors, primarily with high-tech and advanced investment projects, which can contribute to faster GDP growth and further development of our economy.

A large number of companies and potential investors attended the investment conference at which aspects and opportunities for investments in the construction of commercial real estate projects, industrial and retail parks in our country were presented.

In addition to presenting business opportunities and trends in the sector to the business audience, numerous meetings were held with representatives of companies interested in investing. The idea of the conference and organizers’ idea of the investment event is to attract projects during the EXPO thematic “Urban and Rural Development” that will enrich Serbia with something completely modern and in step with world trends in construction and real estate.

The conference was officially opened by the Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications and the General Commissioner of the Republic of Serbia for Expo, Tatjana Matic, who expressed confidence that the first investment conference would result in new investments and cooperation in Serbia in the mentioned sector.

The construction sector was presented by the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Tomislav Momirović, who emphasized that Expo is a great opportunity to present everything that is being done successfully in this part of the world and to be even more successful as a country through joint investments.

The largest delegation of Serbian businessmen is currently staying in Dubai as part of the World Exhibition – 158 representatives of 77 companies from the construction sector and related industries will present the potential of Serbian construction and related activities to potential investors and partners by November 5.