INZA Group – protecting people, is a recognizable brand that has brought together renowned scientific research institutes for risk management and innovation centers, whose business is divided according to the concept of the EU civil protection and rescue mechanism into: prevention, readiness, response.

Our competent licensed staff is taking care of the implementation of our business goals. They use modern digital tools and certified technical-technological processes each one of our centers in: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Albania and United Arab Emirates.

Our VISION is to become recognizable and reliable partner to all stakeholders in the field of digital integrated risk management models on critical infrastructure. Our MISSION is to reduce risk of natural and other disasters in our working environment, as well as in our local and wider community. INZA Group has been awarded the best credit ratings and plaques for the excellence of its business results.

Company activities: scientific research in the fields of social and technical-technological sciences; thermodynamic, mechanical and biological laboratory testing and certification; design in the field of fire protection; implementation and maintenance of integrated protection and rescue systems against natural and other disasters; supervision in the field of fire protection, occupational health and safety and environmental protection; digitization of data and mapping of risks, impacts and response capacities; cybercrime data protection; training and education in the field of civil protection and rescue.

Through our work and results, we have developed strategic partnerships with renowned global brands:

Effectis and MPA Dresden are our partners from France, the Netherlands and Germany in the fields of quality control, laboratory product testing and certification.

INZA GROUP, as a socially responsible company, invests a significant part of its profits in the local community by financing a number of humanitarian, sports, cultural and social events.

A: Bulevar vojvode Mišića 43, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 11 369 27 27
M: +387 66 022 515