Ishrana Produkt

Gordi pastries and cakes are the trademark and the biggest leap of the company Ishrana produkt made to the position of an absolute leader in the confectionery manufacturing industry. Ishrana produkt started on its corporate journey as a regular store more than three decades ago, as far back as 1987. Today, thanks to a clear mission and vision created by its executives, it is a serious company with 20 employees, mainly young, professional and ambitious people.

It is their commitment and creativity that is responsible for creating the Gordi brand, whose pastries and cakes represent the epitome of quality sweet delicacies on the Serbian market.


  • Soft Biscuits: Komisbrot mramorni, Komisbrot voćni, Mini kuglof, Sussuro čoko, Sussuro
  • Bulk Program: Gordi, Dambo, Valf, Kaya, Vanilice, Gurabija marmelada, Školjka kikiriki. Kolač sa kokosom
  • Tea cookies and filled tea cookies: Crnkinja, Vaniline, Negreskino, Gurabija marmelada, Vanilice, Slazenger
  • Mixed program; Dar, Ema, Tandem

Production capacities: 150-200 tons per month

Export markets: USA, Australia, Austria, Switzeland, Northern Macedonia

Standards and certifications: IFS food V7, HACCP, ISO 9001

Ishrana Produkt
Vidovdanska 66, 35250 Paraćin, Serbia
P: +381 35 56 12 08
M: +381 62 65 68 90