The  Company  „JR  TEMPO  foods  “ was founded in 2000 as a family business of the Jovanovics’ family, who have been growing raspberries and  blackberries  for  decades.  The  first  step  was  putting  into  operation 50-ton refrigerating facility, whose capacity met the needs of the grown fruit. In 2005, the Company changed the structure aimed at further development and vertical diversification. The Company has its registered office in Trstenik,  in central Serbia,  the area traditionally  well-known for farming, whose location, the continental climate, optimal temperatures and precipitation make the produce from this area superior in quality to those grown in other areas.

The Company „JR TEMPO foods“ is a highly-professional business experienced at processing of organic and conventionally-grown fruit, osmotic fruit dehydration and production of fruit wines, which allows the Company to grow in both the domestic and international markets. The company „JR TEMPO foods“ has obtained the ISO 22000 and BIO food safety standard. The company has a 1300-ton warehouse, osmotic fruit dehydration facilities, such fruit being known as „Green Goody“ Trade Mark in the domestic and international markets, and “TEKOVINA Winery”, producing superb-quality fruit wines, the pride of the Company

Products: Osmotically dried strawberry, Osmotically dried apricot, Osmotically dried plum, Osmotically dried quince, Osmotically dried cherry, Osmotically dried apple, Osmotically dried raspberry, Osmotically dried blackberry and other fruits.

Production capacities: 1000 kg / 24h

Export markets: EU, USA, UAE

Standards and certifications: ISO 22000, BIO (ORGANIC)

A: Planinica bb, 37240 Trstenik, Serbia
P: +381 37 71 58 66
M: +381 63 80 35 107
E: temporodju@gmail.com