Kabinet Brewery

Beer creates great excitement. It looks simple, but it actually hides many secrets. Every craft beer causes impatience before the tasting and enjoyment when you are revisiting the flavor. Its diversity of taste, aroma, texture and color, it seems endless. We consider ourselves to be passionate gourmets and we are searching for new and unusual tastes, while aiming to offer the highest quality craft beers. Kabinet is produced in Nemenikuće on a sunny slope at a foot of the mountain Kosmaj.

Products/Services: Beer in bottle 0.33l, can 0.33l, KeyKeg 20l

Production capacities: yearly installed capacity 3511hl

Export markets: EU, Ex-Yugoslav republics, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Brazil, USA.

Standards and certifications: HACCP

Kabinet doo – Kabinet Brewery
A: Despota Stefana Lazarevića 11, 11450 Nemenikuće, Sopot, Serbia
P: +381 11 242 44 78
E: kabinet@kabinet.rs