“Kalem Gogi” is a family company with a long tradition in fruit seedlings cultivation. For decades, primary activity of the company was growing and cultivating of fruit seedlings, vine cuttings, rose seedlings, and citrus fruits. As the company grew, we invested in buying additional property and our own fruit orchards and started our own fruit and vegetable production. In order to have the advantage on the market and keep the produce fresh, we have invested in our own cold storage warehouse. This brought us more customers, and gave us the opportunity to export our produce to international markets with customers from Greece, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, as well as Russia. To maximize the usage of the fruits produced in our own orchards the next stage in company’s development was the expansion into our own fruit and vegetable production capacities. Traditional foods such as “ajvar”, the red pepper spread – famous vegetable preserve in the Balkans, and sweet fruits preserves, especially white cherry sweet preserve, became our signature products and brought us many awards in state recognized  exhibitions and institutions. As our brand “Moravski biser” is becoming a household recognized name for fruit and vegetable preserves our goal remains to invest into further production and capacity expansion in order to meet the customer’s demands and introduce Serbian traditional foods to international cuisine.


  • Fruit Seedlings: Plum, peach, apricot, apple, pear, cherry, nuts, walnuts, quince, almond, medlar.
  • Vegetable plantations: Watermelon, pepper, cabbage, red beets, dill pickles.
  • Vine cuttings: Table and vine variety
  • Vegetable and fruit preserves

Export markets: Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Russian Federation

Awards and certifications: International Ethno Food and Drinks Fair in vegetable preserves category: “Ajvar” Hot, “Ajvar” chopped, Sour Cherry Sweets Preserve, “Lovacka salata” (Hunter’s salad) “Cornel jam” and  ISO 22000 certification.

A: Slobode bb, 37260 Varvarin, Serbia
P: +381 63 82 66 893
E: gogi.mitrovic@gmail.com