Kampster is an EdTach company that owns interactive online learning platform. Kampster is a b2c online course provider that offers high-quality low-cost online education to users in their local language. Our data driven learning algorithm is designed around motivation and retention of users, combining social interaction, gamification and advanced analytics, improving learning results 3x while decreasing instructor costs by 97%. Campster currently has over 250,000 users in 7 countries.  Kampster currently sells proprietary online courses to end-users with a pay-to-play business model. Currently present in  7 regional markets Serbia (2017), Croatia (2018), Bosnia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine (2020), Indonesia (2021)

Products/Services: Online courses – The course consists of text and video lessons, as well as quizzes, assignments and tests with the latest information, practical examples and tips that you can access whenever you want to within the given time frame. Courses also have a glossary, additional resources and notes. In addition, you can ask a question about the course material at any time and it will be answered by a mentor or the Campster community.

Production capacities: over 100 courses in 7 languages and 7 countries and it is constantly growing

Export markets: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania, Indonesia, Ukraine

Standards and certifications: Kampster certification

A: Dobračina 26, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 63 19 24 585
M: +381 63 19 24 585
E: milos@thecampster.com