Koloid manufactures and develops health and beauty products, as well as protective silver ion-based next-generation intelligent products. The company’s development was phased, primarily focused on creating a range of products from mono-component to complex pure silver-based covering almost every topical administration, using only local ingredients. All our products are scientifically designed, and supported by empirical evidence. Our expert resources and team of experts in pharmacy, chemistry and technology, in our own laboratory and production facilities, enable us to produce quality, efficient and safe all-natural products. We place particular emphasis on assuring the quality of each product lot.

Products: Koloid company manufactures health and beauty products with silver ions. Koloid products are: Silver water, Silver drops, Throat spray, Silver dentist, Breath freshener, Matrix, Circular, Mobile cleaner, Air conditioner cleaner, Foot spray, Foot powder, Baby powder, Zeolite, Day cream, Night cream, Face serum, Silver glove, Silver elixir, Silver dew, Silk Pillowcases with silver ions, Silk Mask with silver ions, Silk sleeping mask with silver ions.

Production capacities: We can adapt to all requirements.

Export markets: We export our products in Russia, Canada, Germany, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia.

Standards and certifications: HACCP and ISO 9001

A: Prve Pruge 7, 11080 Beograd, Serbia
P: +381 11 71 93 362
M: +381 64 6585449
E: office@koloid.rs
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