Cost Effective Small Volume Hi-tech Production

Konelek is a privately held high-tech company located in Zemun, Serbia. First started in 1986, Konelek is since 2011 specialized in providing engineering design and manufactured products in aerospace.

Engineering Design

In order to serve you: core skills that include engineering design of aerospace structures and systems and aerospace tooling. From the simple designs up to Design Organization Approval tasks we strive to provide the best service to the customer.

Manufactured Products

For your needs in the manufacturing of the ground support equipment for civil, regional, business aircraft and jet engines and manufacturing tooling for aircraft production. To suit your needs the best: we work both as build-to-print supplier and design-and-build supplier for tooling and GSE.

Products: Ground Support Equipment for Civil Aircraft and Jet Engines

Export markets: Germany, France, United Kingdom, USA, UAE

Standards and certifications: ISO9001-2015, DOA Part 21 under Serbian Civil Aviation Directory

Pukovnika Milenka Pavlovića, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 11 40 75 140
M: 381 64 90 91 558
E: jelena@aero.konelek.com