Konstantina Marsenic Studio

WorkWell brand and Konstantina Marsenic Studio offers consulting and design services to companies in order to transform their space and suit them to the current business moment and trends expected in the post COVID era.

Our team consists of top engineers of various professions, designers, branding and HR consultants all committed to making each of your employees feel good while working and communicating with colleagues in the workplace, providing their maximum even in changed working conditions.

The modeled Activity-Based Working concept — which Work Well’s team of consultants has been implementing these days, shifts the focus of activities in the new workplace and when needed supports working from home in the way that proves to be the most effective at a given time.

It nurtures and fosters microenvironments, mobility, and spatial zoning while encouraging the creation of a functional community, and if need be, it serves as a bubble in which we safely spend our working hours.

When we approach planning, Work Well utilizes analysis and collaboration with the management to design a tailor-made solution for the specific company and the specific state of the space. Regardless of whether we design the new space, ready for total design or existing one, only in need of adjustment. This process involves analytical data collection through workshops, surveys, and SMART tools. Our design that resulted from this process is a purposeful, aesthetic tool with which we improve the business of companies and the experience of employees.

Products/Services: Consulting services, architecture and design management, design of business and public spaces (office space, work space, communal areas)

Konstantina Marsenic Studio
A: Krćevac bb, 34310 Topola, Serbia
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