We were established in 1999. Our core business was laboratory equipment and supply. During the years behind us we entered many different business areas. IT, certification auditing, high voltage equipment, sanitary equipment, agriculture equipment  and agriculture production. We have several companies which cover our business.

Products: Since 2015. we established agricultural production,and we are growing cherry and blueberries in a field. Our production capacity is 100 tons of cherries and 200 tons of blueberries. Our production is strictly controlled, and we are producing residue free and pesticide free fruit.  We produce top quality fruit, and 95% of our fruit is exported to the EU every year. In 2020. we started to process the blueberries in very quality products.

We produce 100% blueberry products. We produce cold pressed juice,  jams with stevia in 3 different tastes (natural, with rum, with lavender) Our products are the highest quality product. No sugar, no gmo, no pesticide or residue inside, no water added.

Production capacities:  Our production capacity is ccc 150 tons of products each year.

Export markets: RF, EU

Standards and certifications: Global GAP, IFS Food

A: Radnička 30a, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia
P: +381 21 45 40 40
M: +381 63 23 431