loop is software that provides support for recruitment and selection process for the companies. It is a platform that leverages digital potential and HR expertise in attracting and assessing applicants for a specific position in the most efficient way, via the synergy of software tools & consultants’ assessment.

loop supports its client in presenting vacancies, while targetting suitable profiles through the specific marketing campaign, and at the same time affecting employer branding and awareness.


Job ads

  • Creating job post
  • Posting and presenting open vacancies to the market
  • Attraction activities

Preselection – Categorization of appropriate and inappropriate applications, standing out up to 10 most suitable applicants based on their CV.

Selection – Categorize appropriate and inappropriate applications, interviewing suitable candidates, and recommend up to 5 best candidates among applicants.

Event section – Promoting events

Production capacities: There is no limit regarding the loop’s capacities as software is scraping and matching a list of criteria and due to its infrastructure loop team can scale fast and respond to higher demands by providing all necessary resources so the projects will be done in the arranged timeline.

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M: +381 60 62 29 063  ǀ  +381 60 32 20 990
E: office@loop.rs